Tamarind Fenugreek Rice


Can I stay away from fenugreek long? Apparently not.

I had cooked rice in the noon so that it would cools down by the dinner time. Nowadays we have mostly been cooking the brown n’ wild rice and we are so much used to it that the regular white rice seems bland in comparison. I also soaked a tablespoon of tamarind in half a cup of warm water to make its pulp.

In a pan, I heated oil, and added a generous tempering of fenugreek seeds, split urad gram, split chickpeas lentils,  mustard seeds, chili powder,  turmeric powder, asafoetida, and crushed peanuts. After it started releasing it’s nutty roasted aroma, I added chopped onions, tomatoes,  and some frozen blocks of chopped fenugreek leaves. Once the blocks melted a bit, I poured in the tamarind paste and adjusted the salt. This cooked tamarind-fenugreek curry then, I mixed with the pre-cooked rice. It was nice to have fenugreek leaves’ mildly bitter flavor on my tongue after so long 🙂


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