Oodles of Cabbage Buckwheat Noodles

Buckwheat noodles are one of my new favorites. They are tasty, good-looking, and extremely easy to handle. By the last testimonial, I mean that once you cook the noodles as per the package instructions and drain, they do not tend to develop into a sticky mess at all. So you really don’t have to add a dash of oil while they are cooking or rub any additional spoonful after draining. Probably being the jolly extrovert ones among the noodle & pasta fraternity, they mix very well with other among stir-fried veggies in the wok!


I tried these first during my break last month and cooked once again with an addition of egg on Tuesday. Both the vegan and ovo-vegetarian version were equally good. Probably the right key to hit here is to keep it simple and natural. You don’t need any exotic sauces or spices.

I cooked the noodles al dente, drained, and kept aside. This time, I used the sesame oil; but from my experience, I assure that olive oil or canola oil would be equally good. Once the oil warmed up in the hot wok, I added three ingredients which gave all the necessary flavors to the stir-fry.

1. Thinly sliced garlic
2. Julienned ginger
3. Thin slivers of green chillies

For the quantity cooked for two people, I had taken 5-6 garlic cloves, an inch of ginger piece, and two chillies. Depending on personal spice preferences, you can play with that. Once these three started spluttering,  I added thinly sliced onion, cabbage, and chopped kale. Once the veggies get coated evenly with the spiced oil and start wilting, adjust the salt per you taste and mix noodles. If you want add an egg, it can be done before adding the noodles. Just make some space in center of the wok. Crack open two eggs. Let them scramble with a pinch of salt and dried herbs if you like. After adding noodles and stirring everything for a minute or two on high heat, the noodles are ready to be indulged in.

Buckwheat noodles usually don’t get sticky even after cooking and thus can make a good choice for taking to a party or as an office lunch… especially if you have the microwave facility to warm it up before serving.


3 thoughts on “Oodles of Cabbage Buckwheat Noodles

  1. Yum! Noodles are my absolute fave – especially buckwheat noodles. Have you heard of the Japanese noodle Soba? It uses buckwheat noodles an absolute staple for me during crazy hot summers like this year. Also, what does “ovo-vegetarian” mean? I’m curious to discover even more diet styles!



    • Yes, I have had Sobat noodles. We keep trying different types, every time we shop for noodles in our pantry. Ovo-vegetarian diet is when you have plant based food and eggs, but avoid dairy and other meats. As I mentioned in the post, I made two versions. One was completely vegan, while other had an egg in it.


      • Thanks for the explanation! I’ve been trying to go on a vegan diet but the egg part always gets me. Hmm…this ovo-vegetarian diet seems plausible- especially when there’s delicious recipes like yours!

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