Cauliflower & green peas in cast iron skillet

These days we cannot have enough of our re-seasoned cast iron pan. The other day, we needed a classic Indian side of stir-fried cauliflower and green peas, to go with our black beans rice. Just a few seconds before grabbing my steady favorite pressure cooker, I thought why not indulge with actually cooking it in a skillet. After all, these Indian subzis have traditionally been sautéd in the iron kadhais/ karahis for ages.

And so this delight followed. I warmed up a dash of oil into the skillet and tempered upon it a typical Indian tadaka (or rather Marathi fodani) with cumin seeds, mustard seeds,  pinch of asafoetida.  Upon this I sautéd sliced green chillies and garlic along with crushed curry leaves, before adding chopped onions and turmeric powder. As the onions turned translucent, we added (by this time, my husband joined me in the experiment) paste of coriander, chunks of cauliflower florets, and handfuls of green peas. On a freezer clean-up mission, my husband also poured in some defrosted chopped organic kale into the pan. To enhance the flavors,  we then adjusted the curry powders and salt over the veggies. Once everything was coated with spices, we covered the skillet and let the everything cook. With some intermittent stirring, the dish was prepared in about ten to fifteen minutes. Before serving, I sprinkled some chat masala for tanginess (replace with a generous squeeze of lime) and grated fresh coconut over it.


The result was so good that we ended up having more of it than the main staple on the menu. I think that the cast iron skillet definitely adds more panache to these foods than a regular non-stick pans. Plus, when it comes with added dose of iron nutrients, then why not keep making wonders with your cast iron skillet?


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