Easter leftover fried rice

Yesterday, I had my first Easter celebration with a new group of friends here in Michigan. A young friend among our party even organized an Easter Egg Hunt for all. I found three eggs!!! Though, remembering my age group at the opportune moment, I chose to have only one tiny weeny candy from my exploits. The choice was made easier because there was lots of other stuff to enjoy. This Easter was truly our food holiday. Potluck  brought all different varieties of food from different traditions together from Indian chicken curry to British hot cross buns… and I enjoyed all of them. We had taken vegan dessert of oatmeal-banana cake (a specialty of my husband) and a side of french and baby lima beans stir fry (which I made).

Apart from the fun memories, we also brought some leftover packages, which I was keen on using up by today’s lunch. In our household, leftovers are most likely to go two ways- a soup or a fried rice. Both are equal favorites. This time I chose the second, taking in types of left overs I had, which were:

  1. Lamb chili
  2. My side of french and baby lima beans
  3. Roast potatoes

To make a proper, non-sticky fried rice, I cooked a pot of brown rice yesterday evening. So in the morning all I had to do was mixing everything in a wok. Only thing I added to the mix, was chopped kale which I thought would make a good addition, bringing in more greens to the assembly. So I stir fried kale on hot olive oil, added bean side and chili upon it. I really did not need to have additional spices with both of those. After stir frying till everything was  reheated properly, I mixed in the potatoes and rice and after few more minutes took it off the burner.

The end product not only tasked good but also looked beautiful with all the colors that were there.


That’s what I love about fried rice. It is simple to make but always manages to take all its components together to the next level of sumptuousness.



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