The spring surprise: Roast vegetables & Berry sauce


The spring is here… even in Michigan. Not in full bloom yet but one can see the trees budding and ants coming out of their hermitage. If not today, tomorrow is warmer. So I thought of letting it reflect on my plate the other night. What I planned for was only roast vegetables, but surprisingly I also ended up with a berry sauce. Here’s how it happened.

The roast was simple. I did not have the time for oven roasting, so instead I went for my skillet. After warming a dash or two of olive oil, I swirled it to coat it evenly. Upon heated oil, I then arranged halves of brussel sprouts, pineapple chunks, asparagus rockets, and green peas. Sprinkled thinly chopped onions, garlic, and green chillies over it. After covering the pan with lid, I let the veggies cook in their juices, on medium to high heat. When one side of the brussel sprouts was ‘done’, I gave one stir to the entire ensemble and let the other sides/ chunks brown on medium heat. In another 10 minutes, all the juices were evaporated and vegetables were both steamed and roasted.

So my dinner was ready, but I was also left with the skillet that had that brown roast layer stuck over it. Keen on not loosing the flavor trapped in that, I would have used a vegetable stock or wine to get it out and prepare a sauce. Unfortunately, I had none. So looking for a savior in refrigerator, I found cranberry juice. We also had some frozen blueberries in freezer. So using both of those, I proceeded once again to heat my skillet. To complement the flavors brought by the roast brown to the sweet-sour berries, I threw in some bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon. An end product was a tangy berry sauce, which now I can use to top my morning bowl of oats! 🙂



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