Dairy-free bread pudding

Today was my first try at baking a dessert… Or rather baking anything. Few days back, my husband had mentioned about trying a bread pudding. Incidentally, because we received a wedding gift of pyroceramic glassware pots 🙂 Today he couldn’t join me at home for lunch due to work lunch arrangement with his colleagues. So I had whole day to me and thought that it would be good surprise for him if I try the pudding now. After some research, I realized that with the ingredients I had, it was easy to go dairy free but difficult to go vegan. So I used almond milk instead of the dairy milk but have used organic eggs in my preparation.

First, I sprayed our brand new Corning Ware pot with olive oil. Then in that I assembled not the Avengers, but cubed pieces of four slices of multigrain bread, two ripe bananas, one sliced apple, handful of dried cranberries, and a dollop of almond butter. In another bowl, I whisked three eggs, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, a pinch of salt, and organic maple syrup to taste in a cup of almond milk. I poured this mix over the bread and let it stand for five minutes. Meanwhile, I had also pre-heated the oven at the baking temperature of 350 degrees. I put my pudding bowl in a water bath in the oven for prescribed 45 minutes. Maybe because the portion was too large and not divided into ramekins, the center was rather runny after those 45 minutes. So I ran it for another thirty minutes after which it was cooked with slightly caramelized top. After it cooled down; I cut its slices and slyly put those in refrigerator 🙂

I am not usually a dessert cook, plus this was my first baking experience. So this sweet treat turned out to be a surprise not only for my partner but also for me.