Asparagus-Mushroom Pasta


Since I had already planned a dessert of Bread pudding after today’s dinner, I wanted a light dinner. Among my pantry finds, I had come upon multigrain farfalle pasta, which I decided to prepare in a non-creamy manner. Instead, I decided to develop its flavors with the vegetables and stock.

I cooked pasta al dente per instructions, drained it, and kept it aside. In another pan, I heated oil and added garlic slivers to it. After those turned golden, I added sliced onions and sautéd it for five minutes. Later I added sliced mushrooms, dried herbs of parsley and basil, freshly ground pepper, and dashes of cooking sherry. Once the sherry was absorbed, I mixed in the green asparagus (already cut in inch-long pieces, from the frozen section), a cupful or two of vegetable soup stock, and the pre-cooked farfalle pasta. Once the asparagus cooked and pasta matured a bit more in the flavors surrounding it, I took it off the stove to maintain its al dente texture.  While serving, we squeezed a piece of lemon over it.

I was content with the fresh flavor, and didn’t even feel like taking an extra topping of basil pesto. I am sure I would be repeating this dish again.