Dinner note: Lemon rice

After today’s heavy lunch, we needed something light and light meal always reminds me of lemon rice. It helped that I had already cooked some brown rice, which we didn’t eat for lunch.

It is rather recent, when I cracked the recipe of lemon rice. Not that my previous takes were any bad, but those just weren’t lemon rice. It was one of my grad school friends who finally decoded it for me and I realized what I was doing wrong.  Firstly, lemon rice always turns better if the rice is not freshly cooked. So today’s arrangement of cooking it in the noon, and then using it in the evening was actually rather opportune condition. Secondly,  there is no cumin in its tempering and thirdly it works best when you squeeze lemon on slightly cooler rice. Too hot a rice, and it just decomposes the lemony flavor of the lemon 🙂

So here’s what I did. I first fluffed through my brown wild  rice to make the grains separate. In another small pan I heated oil, and added teaspoon full each of fenugreek seeds, urad dal, mustard seeds. Once those started splattering,  I added turmeric powder, chili powder, and a pinch or two of asafoetida. After taking the tempering off the stove, I mixed salt to taste in it and let the whole thing cool off for a while. Later I mixed it with the rice along with some lemon juice.

Lemon rice is really a blessing when one craves for the light but tasty meal and has a beautiful yellow color, thanks to the turmeric. After finishing our portions, we were left wanting more of it…  So we treated ourselves to the dessert of watermelon. I enjoyed it even better because my partner took the responsibility of cutting it 🙂

Good night Thursday and tomorrow we head out of the city on a daylong drive. So, eating along the road. Bon voyage!