Yogurt gravy and Okra-Potato Side


Today’s dinner was little more elaborate than our usual weeknight fare. I had a packet of frozen chopped okra, which I stir-fried with slices of red potato for the side. The staple was that of brown wild rice with yogurt gravy. The gravy was easy. In a saucepan,  I prepared the heated oil tempering with fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds,  mustard seeds, and chopped green chilli. Over it I added some turmeric,  salt, and a cupful of water. Once the water boiled, I slowly stirred in the whisked yogurt in it. Few more minutes on the low heat, and the gravy was ready. When I first started cooking, I used to have the curdling problem at times. But since I started adding water over the tempering, before mixing in the yogurt, I have been consistently getting the perfect creamy and non-curdled gravy. The side dish though required bit more attention. The frozen okra bits tend to have a water layer over it, which makes okra spew out its ill-famous mucilage. To get rid of that stickiness one has to keep stirring the okra bits till it cooks. My today’s version was quite mild. Over heated oil,  I just stirred okra and potatoes for a while and then added some tawa fry masala and adjusted the sauce. The tawa fry masala is simply the blend of different powdered spices such as cumin, dried mango,  pepper etc. So one can easily replace it with the component ingredients to one’s own taste.

The dinner turned out to be quite comforting and now I have reached the frequency of five yawns per minute. So, let me make way to my bed…  Good night 🌃